Internal Linking – Most Ignored PageRank Sculpturing

I got across very strategical expert advise on Internal Linking

It’s common to internal link related article/page/post withing body but how you can effectively do it to gain ranking. This article is really useful to manage internal linking on large website using Google Webmaster tool internal linking and search query report.

What you say? Any suggestion.


What’s Your True CTR Rate?

Regardless of search engine result CTR distribution based on ranking each webpage is having their own CTR. Title, description, micro-format, product & content pay vital role in that. If you are  better than other competitor you might able gain more clicks means more CTR too.

Havn’t  try but you can find your True CTR:

Crawl Optimization – You Need It!

I am always in favor of making website technically strong for crawlers & building high quality links. Which pretty much help if you have low budget!

Today, why not think about crawl timing. I always prefer to help crawler to crawl fast, prioritize their timing & refreshing content

Following are articles in details which helps you to understand more:

SEO JS – Does Google Started Rendering Pages??

One can play around  JavaScript for great design and better user experience. The problem is Google crawler, indexing and eventually getting traffic on the website.

In my due project I was looking for plenty of option to make it SEO friendly and the instant solution was 3rd party snapshots generator. In May Google announce to make crawler smart to have function of rendering….read more Rendering JS for SEO

Today, I am trying testing it….and will update it with results….

Are you changing your SEO Strategy? – 2012 Google Update

Image representing Google Search as depicted i...

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2012, Google has started making tremendous changes to improve search quality. I have extracted main impacting Google SEO updates as follows:

2012 Google Updates:

  • Tweaks to handling of anchor text
  • Panda update: Website content quality measurement changed. Low-quality & duplicate content will not make it.
  • Fresh Content in Google search result & no freshness boost for low-quality content
  • Improvements to how search terms are scored in ranking
  • Showing more authoritative content – low quality content devaluated
  • Sitelinks data refresh
  • Social Signals
  • Penguin: Killing web spam & Unnatural Links

“Q: Are you changing or changed your SEO strategy?”
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Read more about Google Algorithm Updates: – Panda update